• Aisha Bashir has studied BSc Counselling and Psychotherapy and has over 5 years of experience working in various Mental health settings. She has a passion for promoting positive well being and emotional health. She encapsulates her work by teaching PSHE.

    Miss A Bashir

    KS3 PSHE, Pastoral Care
  • Faatimah Batool is an Aalimah who graduated from Jamea Al Kauthar in Lancaster. She currently teaches Religious Studies and Urdu.

    Miss F Batool

    KS3/KS4 RE and Urdu, Islamic Ethos Lead
  • Miss H Vagheir

    Art Teacher
  • Miss M Hawa

    Science teacher
  • Sana Hafeez is a graduate in Forensic Psychology. Before obtaining her degree, she was also studying Health and Social Care in her A levels, in which she gained sound knowledge on children's emotional and physical needs.

    Miss S Hafeez

    KS3/KS4 PE
  • I am passionate about supporting the school. I thoroughly enjoy working in the office and meeting the parents and pupils to support them.

    Miss T Rahman

  • Having been involved in charity projects in Rochdale I am passionate about making a difference. I support the school to ensure is safe and dedicate a lot of my hours to support in every way I can.

    Mr O Ameer

    Site Manager
  • Mr. M Zarafat

  • Having qualified as a Science teacher many years ago and having experience in teaching in many schools in Greater Manchester, I am passionate about delivering creative lessons to open the minds of the pupils to love Science as I do.

    Mrs A Hussain

    KS3 & KS4 Science, Curriculum Lead
  • Ayesha Waqas is a graduate in Business Information Systems and, has a PGCE in Computing and ICT. She is very passionate about teaching and supporting pupils in their journey to be confident in working with technology as they embark on their path in an ever-evolving world of media and advancing technology.

    Mrs A Waqas

    KS3 computing, KS4 Business, Head of ICT, Media Lead